Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a bio

Well, folks, I can now say that I have a blog. Quite exciting.

So, I hear you asking, who is this chubba?

Well, I have a dog, two cats and a Muscovy duck--all rescued.

I also just got a baby cottontail. He was abandoned and I found him in the street on Hallowe'en. Just rolling around on his back. Turns out he has a twisted neck, no sense of balance, and runs and hops in circles, flopping over on his back all the time. I call him Tumbles.

As for wives, I have one. As for opinions, I have some. Such as:

I think Ishtar was an awesome movie, and As Good as it Gets totally sucked.

I think Paradise Lost may be the best thing ever written in English. Atlas Shrugged is probably the worst.

I think you will like this video. It's Marvin Gaye. Enjoy the enjoy.

I also think Marvin sang the best version of The Star Spangled Banner ever. Period.

I think 'New Day Rising' by Hüsker Dü is the best break-up song ever. Great lyrics. The worst break-up song? Probably 'The Slop' by the Olympics. Or maybe 'Choo Choo Choo Boogie' by same.

That's about it. Oh, I am a Reference Librarian. I once owned a bar. My pants fit pretty well.

That is all.


  1. There is a slight sense of deja vu as I read this blog. I feel almost as though I myself had lived through some of these extreme crappings. i once heard of a guy who shit on a wall - crap you negative. , too, live a life of quiet desperation and think that tearaway pants are more befuddling than amusing. And what is one to think of The Smudge? I wish no ill upon any author, no matter his brevity or the disgusting meduim through which he chooses to share his latest meals. Much more than "destintion enjoy," I implore you to "Enjoy the Enjoy."

  2. Ah, silly.

    I, too, feel a sense of some type of vu. But it may be more of a jamais vu situation. Or a presque vu. I'm just not sure. But thanks for reading, silly sam--perhaps one day we can meet in an abandoned construction site and joust with 20ft re-bars. Also, you have forced me to remember another purveyor of filth--soon I will write about 'The Wall Splatter' and 'The Mummy'. Stay tuned, and fine shine!

  3. Husker Du's New Day Rising is one of my favorite records! I really like Metal Circus a lot, too. Anyway, you found my livejournal and I have a pretty good idea of how you did it. Perhaps, it was via a blog post for Gledwood? Well, I appreciate you stopping by...any fan of Paul W is a friend of mine. Shall see you around AL: I seem to be kind of addicted to stirring trouble over there, but not because I don't like the AL. I've been following her for a couple of years. Take care!

  4. As much as I appreciated your early work, I must admit the Tearaways scheme strikes me as not only far-fetched, but hardly practical. How might this work on screen doors? What if the door opens OUT - you'll rue the day you hitched your pantloop to that knob, I tell you. This clear oversight of the impediments to the business plan would make a bank loan unlikely and arouses my ire. Perhaps rather than 'joust' as you so flippantly suggest, we might bare-knuckle box beneath a moon-lit sky as proxies for hated roommates or fictional super-villians! Exeunt.

  5. I saw Husker Du in concert and my girlfried got punched in the face and all I said was, "what were you doing so near the mosh pit?"

    about Tearaways, do they have a drive-thru?