Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anagram Funzies

So this little wiener kid comes up to me at the desk today and asks if I know the answer to the last scrambled word in the paper's daily 'Jumble'. No problem, I tell him, it's 'hansom'. It's a kind of carriage. That was a tough one, I say, and I mean it.

But then, some other patron who had been eavesdropping, decides to get a little cheeky. 'If you are so smart', he says, 'anagram this'. And he hands me William Butler Yeats' epitaph, Cast a cold eye on life, on death: Horseman, pass by! Then he tells me to arrange all those letters into a meaningful phrase, without omitting a single one. OK, you mega-dick, I think, yer on.

Twenty minutes later, I go up and hand the guy the following--letting him know that I even utilized all the puntuation marks:

Old man Yeats has passed: An echo, once, of Liberty!

The sad sack of a patron was too stunned to reply. Looks like it's Dr. Giggles 1, Patron challenger 0. We'll see if he returns for a rematch.


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  1. So you can spend 20 minute on the job doing puzzles? That explains this trend: